Miss Earth Indonesia 2013
Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot



Interview With Alston Stephanus

Alston Stephanus is an accessories and fashion designer from Jakarta, Indonesia that lives the style he is so passionate about. He dresses almost exclusively in 1930s and 40s fashion, running his fashion empire and walking the streets of New York to Singapore unironically in a vintage style.

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Interview With Alston Stephanus

I was browsing fashion photographs on the internet one day and I found this amazing headdress on Pinterest. It was a stunning piece of art that seemed to harken back to a fashion time plate decades gone by and yet a piece like this could have never been worn in that time, perhaps due to its obvious modern intricacy. I immediately had to look the artist up…

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Sash Factor

Exclusive Interview with Miss Earth Indonesia Official Crown Maker and Designer, Alston Stephanus

Jesson Capuchino: Can you tell us more about yourself and how did you become interested in making accessories?

Alston Stephanus: Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, I traveled the world and studied extensively in London, England, providing me with a set of global philosophies that influence my creations. I define my designs as a cross between Victorian glamour and Javanese Keraton. I also draw inspiration from wildlife, insects, and nature, turning the world around me into one-of-a-kind, dazzling pieces of wearable art.

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Vogue Italia

Precious, Unique, Unconventional Vision

Surrealism and burlesque, nature and culture, Indonesian and Chinese, these are all things that inspire Alston Stephanus, a patron of the arts that creates not only accessories, but is also involved in charity projects and education.

"They say that we cannot mix too many colors at once, but the tail of the peacock contains many shades that blend harmoniously together. This convinces me that anything is possible." Alston Stephanus, a young artist and designer, is able to cultivate his dream-like perspectives, while looking concretely at the reality around him. He defines the fact that he is, "motivated by the feelings that harmony evoke and I am thankful for my multicultural background, even though it was not always peaceful growing up in Indonesia." Difficult to describe, but using the Greek nickname that Homer described Odysseus, "polytropos," or "many personalities," fits Alston well.

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Le Mariage

The Baroque Prince – Alston Stephanus: Alston Stephanus Accessories

Since 2005, his name has been well known in the Indonesian fashion industry, but who would have thought, that this accessories designer just turned 24 years old last February 10? Somehow, at his young age, Alston Stephanus and his creations have a superior quality. He is an avant-garde accessories creator with complex detail, breaking all pre-existing conservative styles. His hand-made works are innovative, consistent, and character defining.

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Female Magazine

An Interview with Alston Stephanus

This young designer, who is studying in London, shows his maturity level in designing accessories.

What does the word "accessory" mean to you Alston? The word "accessory" in fashion, to me, means something that can give emphasis to someone's character.

Why did you choose to be an accessories designer? I chose this path because I can 'play' and experiment as far as my imagination can take me.

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Female Living

The Home of Alston Stephanus’s Wonder Land

A fantasy world is created from the mind of Alston Stephanus. His concepts include a boutique for his accessories designs, a tranquil garden space, and an animal sanctuary. As an accessories designer, national equestrian athlete, businessman, and event organizer, Alston Stephanus chose his home to be the center of all his activities. Equipped with a boutique and offices on the ground floor, this house in South Jakarta also has a backyard escape perfect for any animal lover. Ever since buying the house a few years ago, Alston has continued to do renovations according to his wonderland dream.

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Fashion Pro

Alston Stephanus – Dare to be different

Facing stiff competition in the accessories business, Alston Stephanus quickly realized that exploring his creativity was required in order to keep designing unusual accessories. Born in Jakarta, this 21-year-old man is challenging accessory design with his business Alston Stephanus Accessories. "I am never afraid of competition because I am always very optimistic of my creations. If I am scared, what's the point in even starting?" Alston said.

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Kompas Urbana

Alston Stephanus and his Creations

No matter how beautiful the clothes are from a famous designer, the look still needs accessories. Alston Stephanus was born on February 10, 1987 and his love for fashion came soon thereafter. He always enjoyed dressing his friends for proms and other special events and it was not long until he decided to make his own brand of accessories. He flourishes in being himself, with the motto of, "Dare to dream differently."

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