Alston Stephanus – Dare to be different

Fashion Pro Magazine


Facing stiff competition in the accessories business, Alston Stephanus quickly realized that exploring his creativity was required in order to keep designing unusual accessories. Born in Jakarta, this 21-year-old man is challenging accessory design with his business Alston Stephanus Accessories. “I am never afraid of competition because I am always very optimistic of my creations. If I am scared, what’s the point in even starting?” Alston said.

There are many factors that inspire Alston to create his accessories, one of them being peacocks. The bird’s movements of its classy colors are quite attractive. Based on this, Alston has designed a beautiful peacock-feathered fan for one of his clients. He also makes hair accessories with feathers, extra large statement necklaces and masks. Generally, his creations are more appropriate for the runway or stage. He said that each piece has its own character and philosophy based on where he originally drew his inspiration.

Every custom made accessory is unique for his clients in terms of color, pattern and size. Alston believes that no two designs should be the same because his clients are never same. Each design has been specifically made to be compatible with the person it was intended for. For the best results, he pays close attention to the person’s own personality. “I see that everyone has his or her own way to be beautiful. All that differs is how each person maintains and carries that beauty. So far, my clients are satisfied with my work and for that I am grateful.”

Although he studies in London, Alston does not stop his business in his homeland. He is still responsible to create marketing strategies to promote his products. So far, he has collaborated with homeland designers such as: Taruna Kusmayadi, Rusly Tjohnardi, and Hengky Kawilarang. His products have also recently appeared in several tabloids and lifestyle magazines. He also designed accessories for the CD cover of singers Lusi Rahmawati and Vina Panduwinata; while designing clothing and accessories for Vina to wear on stage during her solo concerts in 2008. Alston Stephanus Accessories is also the official crown and accessories designer for the Putri Pariwisata Indonesia pageant.

These various endeavors bring many opportunities for Alston to become better known among the fashion world in Indonesia.

When asked if he had plans on opening a business in London, he replied, “We'll see. I would not risk saying anything right now. If there is opportunity though, I will not hesitate.”

Even though Alston Stephanus Accessories has only been in business for four years, the existing market is ripe for someone just like him. In the mean time, Alston plans on continuing to study what women want for their appearances, because he believes women will always want to look their best! He always returns to Jakarta to explore these ideas and gain new insight on his target markets.