Alston Stephanus “1001 Inspirations Drawn From Women”

Passionate, optimistic, and attractive are just three words to describe this twenty-year-old man. Alston Stephanus is a young and talented accessories designer that gives a uniquely brave touch to each of his designs. The female figure has always been a muse for many artists, and it has become the main source of inspiration for Alston. He also draws his creativity from the peacock, describing his accessories as a colorful way to bring out a woman’s elegance. Although he is considered a newcomer in accessories world, Alston is able to show his ability to compete successfully in the Indonesian fashion industry.

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Natasha Magazine

Accessories & Dressage

Alston Stephanus’s fashion statement, "Dare to Dream Differently,” accurately represents him and describes his design for fashion accessories. Each accessory piece is made from a different philosophy, however the peacock is his main influence. With its wealth of color and elegant movements, Alston describes his major source of inspiration, "I was so attracted to the peacock for its bursts of color and its attitude, that I decided to create a series of accessories with its feathers."

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Dewi Magazine

Gothic Glam: An interview with Alston Stephanus about his creative fan designs

How did you start your accessories business? I started it last year in October (2005.) It began unintentionally. A very good friend of mine, who is a designer, asked me to make a few accessories for his fashion show. He thought that I could create accessories based on my personal style and have it be suitable for his upcoming collection, which was a combination of the glamorous and the bazaar. Since then, I've felt the need to challenge myself in the fashion industry.

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Her World Magazine

Alston Stephanus "Dare To Be Different"

His name may be rarely heard of now, but Alston Stephanus has just debuted as a designer in August of last year. In his fairly short career thus far, Alston has proven that he is not messing around as a jewelry designer. His jewelry has already been used in a variety of prestigious events such as the concerts of Siti Nurhaliza and Vina Panduwinat, the 2006 Fashion Tendance Show and the 2006 Jakarta Fashion Food Festival in collaboration with designer Taruna K. Kusmayadi, a charity fashion show with designer Ramadani A.

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Seputar Indonesia

Attracting Attention, Showing Personality

As a key part of fashion, accessories have always been important and the presence of them can make someone look very different.Jewelry will forever play a major role in the fashion industry. Today, some people believe that the accessories a person wears can bring out their true character.
Many people place high value in the quality of their jewelry, spending exuberant amounts on gemstones believed to bring luck. Yet, for those non-superstitious people, there are accessories of different styles and budgets that are made from materials other than just gold and gemstones.

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Dewi Magazine

Muda Dari Indonesia - Youth of Indonesia

Here is yet another young and emerging Indonesian accessories designer, Alston Stephanus. Originally using his skills to create prom outfits for school friends, Alston now ventures to become a fashion accessory designer. His main inspirations come from peacocks, coloring nearly every design with the combinations of various materials such as peacock feathers, rocks, metal and even knitting. The designs fit perfectly with the chosen slogan, "For Those Who Dare To Dream Differently." Do you (Alston) feel like this characterization?

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Designing Accessories

Jakarta's equestrian athlete, Alston Stephanus (22), is not only able to ride horses, but behind that ability; he has another talent that demands high creativity, which is designing accessories.

"Since I was young, I liked to dress up my friends for their special events. Gradually, my hobby grew until I noticed that I needed to create my own accessories company based on what I loved to do," said a man who was born on February, 10.

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