The Home of Alston Stephanus’s Wonder Land

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A fantasy world is created from the mind of Alston Stephanus. His concepts include a boutique for his accessories designs, a tranquil garden space, and an animal sanctuary.

As an accessories designer, national equestrian athlete, businessman, and event organizer, Alston Stephanus chose his home to be the center of all his activities. Equipped with a boutique and offices on the ground floor, this house in South Jakarta also has a backyard escape perfect for any animal lover. Ever since buying the house a few years ago, Alston has continued to do renovations according to his wonderland dream.

When entering the house from the minimalist exterior, the first room encountered is the lobby. The Alston Stephanus Accessories boutique has a reception desk, glass cabinets displaying his collections, and a waiting chair. Moving along into the boutique, Alston has painted the walls black to give a mysterious aura to the room, complimented by the heavy baroque furniture. The open plan space also includes the owner’s awards, photographs, and equestrian memorabilia from various hoarse riding competitions.

Much of the furniture here has been collected from vintage shops or been gifted from close friends. Besides the lobby, boutique, and sitting room, the ground floor includes a library, kitchen, and a beautiful backyard.

On the left side of the boutique, there is a door connecting to the modern kitchen. This multi-functional space includes to a dining room that is dominated by shades of beige, black, and gray. A large black chandelier in the baroque style hangs in the middle of the room, adding to the dramatics. Sleek kitchen appliances blend with the minimalist kitchen cabinets creating a neat and tidy impression.

The most interesting feature in the home is the backyard, which is split in two levels. The first terrace has a unique patio space that uses plastic grass on the floor. The second terrace contains a small fountain in the corner.

“Everyone who steps into this area will feel the freshness of nature, as if they have become one with the space,” said Alston. No wonder he likes to sit out here while enjoying the scenery of his vertical garden filled with an array of tropical plants and grasses. The art of vertical gardening is quite rare in Indonesia and to create it, Alston collaborated with expert landscaper and friend Priangga Adipati from Mitra Hotelindo Perkasa. Preiangga is fully committed to bringing Alston’s imagination to life within the walls of his dream house.

Moving on through the garden, we walk across a small bridge over a fish pool. We are going to a bird park, which is also located on this property, believe it or not. Alston’s love for animals compelled him into making a bird sanctuary that also includes bats and reptiles. All this natural scenery will be transformed at night when the waterfall rocks light up and give a firefly effect using fiber optics.

As a person who works in the creative world, imagination is everything to Alston and this philosophy is reflected in his house.

Writer: Gita Argianti 
Photographer: Yuan Reva