An Interview with Alston Stephanus

Le Mariage Magazine


This young designer, who is studying in London, shows his maturity level in designing accessories.

What does the word “accessory” mean to you Alston? The word “accessory” in fashion, to me, means something that can give emphasis to someone’s character.

Why did you choose to be an accessories designer? I chose this path because I can ‘play’ and experiment as far as my imagination can take me.

What kind of female characteristics inspire you? A bold woman who is strong and brave, showing her own personality is quite inspiring. Dita Von Teese, in my eyes, is the perfect form of a woman. I see her personality from the way she walks and talks, to her overall appearance.

What kind of style would you never apply to your accessories? I would never work in a minimalistic style. First, it’s not me. I lean towards the 1950’s all the way to the Baroque era, but always with Indonesian soul. It is very much a fusion. For me, minimalism is too half-hearted.

What strengths does Alston Stephanus Accessories have? My accessories will enhance someone’s personality. There are many things to consider when designing for a client, but knowing and understanding their personality makes my designs unique to that individual.

What kind of accessories do you like to design? I love to design “hair-dresses.” That’s the term that I use for my head and hair accessories. I think of them like dresses, but on the head! Hahaha…

What are your other ambitions? For my horse-riding hobby, my short-term goal is to participate in the PON 2012 Equestrian Championship. And for my accessories, I would love to collaborate with Ms. Dita Von Teese of course.