Alston Stephanus and his Creations

Kompas Urbana 


No matter how beautiful the clothes are from a famous designer, the look still needs accessories. Alston Stephanus was born on February 10, 1987 and his love for fashion came soon thereafter. He always enjoyed dressing his friends for proms and other special events and it was not long until he decided to make his own brand of accessories. He flourishes in being himself, with the motto of, “Dare to dream differently.”

Alston formally started making accessories in October of 2005, when a good friend of Alston’s, designer Taruna K. Kusmayadi, asked him to make accessories for his fashion show. According to Taruna, Alston’s handmade accessories looked glamorous and unique. After that, the brand Alston Stephanus Accessories was created.

His inspiration to design accessories can come from anywhere really, but especially animals. It is no surprise then, that Alston is an animal lover. His most inspiring animal is the peacock, for the rich color and elegant movements of the bird. Each accessory is made with its own philosophy, based on where the original inspiration came form.

Alston’s work can be found embellishing the runways of fashion designers Taruna K. Kusmayadi and Rusly Tjohnardi. Dinna Goh also featured his work in The Attic Brides article. Miss Indonesia 2005, Nadine Chandrawinata, wore his phenomenal work accompanied by a gown designed by Anne Avantie in the Miss Universe 2006 pageant.

In January 2008, his accessories were worn in the Hong Kong Fashion Week with designer Florence Liem from Surabaya. His designs have become the official crown and accessories for the Putri Pariwisata Indonesia pageant 2008. And as if that was not enough, in the same year, Alston Stephanus Accessories also participated in a men’s fashion show by Dominic Alan.

A recent design by Alston consists of Swarovski crystals combined it with brass, feathers, and French lace to make a truly unique work of art.

He makes a variety of accessories consisting of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, fans, cigarette pipes, hair accessories, key holders, and belts for men. Like a true creative designer of high fashion, Alston also makes creations according to a client’s demands.

Alston is not one to take on too much too quickly. He accepts that there is a natural course that he is supposed to take. If one day his work were to be known internationally, then that would make him very happy indeed. Alston believes that, “Everything happens for a reason and I’m just going to go with the flow.”